WASWUG Gives Back

Join the TinySuperHeroes Squad!

TinySuperheroes was started in January 2013 by Robyn Rosenberger when she sent two hand sewn capes to Brenna and her side kick brothers to encourage them in Brenna’s battle with a severe skin disorder (Harlequin Ichthyhosis).

TinySuperheroes is a wonderful partner for WASWUG Spring as we all learn to embrace our inner superhero. They focus on encouraging kids and their families to embrace their inner superhero as they courageously live with severe illnesses and diseases. Robyn shares that this journey of providing capes for these families has taught her about gratitude, joy, hope and strength. One goal for our time together at WASWUG Spring is to remind us that a superhero lies within each of us.


Ways we can support TinySuperheroes:

  • Donate online in advance of the conference.
  • Purchase a TinySuperhero cape at WASWUG Spring for a child in your life. (A portion of the cape purchase helps provide a cape for a child on their list waiting for a cape.)
  • Purchase a cape at WASWUG Spring for a kid on the Tiny Superhero waiting list.
  • Purchase ribbons onsite to go with your badge.

Thanks for helping support TinySuperheroes!


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