WSIPC is excited to officially announce the next evolution of Skyward® software – the Qmlativ Education Management System. This solution leverages the latest technologies to support emerging trends in education, both now and into the future.

Qmlativ is the embodiment of a better SIS and ERP experience. It’s clean, customizable interface and personalized dashboards ensure that information overload doesn’t get in the way of improving district outcomes. Qmlativ is built on a SQL database, featuring a revolutionary user experience including an integrated training module that encompasses everything from desktop to mobile environments.

Optimize your data

Qmlativ eliminates the need to fix, touch, or manipulate your data. Customizing the display allows your staff to access critical data and start using it to make better decisions for your district and students.

Increase productivity

Logical navigation, simple shortcuts and sensible defaults save you and your staff time. The software learns each user’s preferences to create a highly personalize and efficient experience.

Empower your district

Qmlativ’s user-centric design is uncluttered and customizable so you see only what you need when it’s necessary. The new built-in report writer puts the right information in the hands of the right people so you can meet your strategic goals. As a result, tasks can be completed quickly and confidently.

Keep pace with technology

With Qmlativ, you’ll propel your district to the forefront of innovation while meeting your ultimate goal of improving student outcomes and maintaining a healthy bottom line.

Learn more about Qmlativ at www.wsipc.org.

See the new Skyward Qmlativ Education Management System at WASWUG Spring
with demos for Student, Finance, and HR. 

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